When I was a girl, growing up in a small town in Lancashire, I was used to the sights and sounds of an industrial landscape. From my bedroom window, I could see a woollen-spinning mill complete with tall, mill chimney and the sound of churning machinery. On days when the industrial process began, the smell from the extraction of lanolin from the wool was appalling! This was just part of life… the ways that people in my town made a living as well as from cotton spinning, light engineering and on the outskirts, farming. What has this got to do with anything I’m doing today? Well, those of you who read this post may want to know more!
Some of you may know that the east coast of Scotland went through somewhat of a boom in the oil industry over the last few years. Fortunes were made and the standard of living rose, especially in the area around Aberdeen. Whilst the fishing ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead suffered a decline because of failing fish stocks, the rest of the east coast was making ends meet. The boom hadn’t quite reached the Caithness area where we had found our dream spot to settle in retirement. There were two oil platforms on the horizon, but that didn’t bother us that much. People still have to earn a living, although we have retired!
What the owner of the field had not told us, was that there was to be drilling for oil in a field adjacent to ours and although the plant and machinery would be inside a large barn-style building, oil tankers would be driving back and forth all day filling up with oil and taking it to the nearest port at Thurso.
So much for peace and quiet and rural living! Our very large dream had been shattered and we lost the quite considerable deposit we had left to secure the land. Anger and disappointment followed but with spadesful of reality thrown in! I had suddenly become a N.I.M.B.Y. after years of being brought up in my industrial home town!
All those years ago in my home town, others may have loved the peace and serenity of the moorland and the hills and lived on the land thinking that things would not change. I expect their illusions were shattered as the industrial world impinged on their daily life, just as the thought of the oil exploration did on mine.
 BUT, there would be other times and other places and we will have to accept a lot less but this doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Live life each day and still have HOPE but not as many expectations!
As Albert Einstein once said ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, HOPE for tomorrow’.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

7 thoughts on “Reality”

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of a dream. I do love your layouts though. This is a great example of how to scrapbook our normal lives. Thanks for sharing!

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