Knot knitting!

The trouble is, I’m knot not knitting!
In October 2008 my first grandchild was expected and so I decided to dust off my knitting needles and knit dear daughter some items to put in the layette. I knitted hats, bootees, mittens, dungarees, a teddy bear and a cuddly,blanky rabbit. So far so good…..
DD’s fiancee asked me to knit him a warm jumper to wear on the journey to Uni. His day started with a brisk cycle ride to the station ( lots of cold winds and snow last winter!) then the train and another cycle ride to finish. The same back in the evening, so he was freeeeezing by the time he arrived back! Well, how could I refuse? I said I would knit the jumper for his birthday in November 2008 and now it is November 2009 and I still haven’t finished it and probably won’t for this birthday either!
I thought I would make a HUGE effort to try and finish it for Christmas. So, I have made a progress chart as I calculated I have about six weeks to finish. I’m a slow knitter so that will probably be just about right for me! Christmas wrapping paper and tag will be at the ready for completion!
Will I finish it or won’t I? Will I finish it before my target time? Will the jumper still fit him? Come back next week to see how far I’ve got.

 Look for the poll in my sidebar so I can gauge your opinion on my attempt!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

12 thoughts on “Knot knitting!”

  1. I sympathise – adult jumpers are so much bigger (and less interesting to knit) than baby things. I have convidence that you will do it. And I see you managed to get your header into the tag (I saw the question on the forum) well done

  2. Good luck!I have a cardigan sat in the loft for 23 years unfinished and a crocheted Kingsize blanket currently been at the size of a cushion for 4 years!!!

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday. I love the knitting progress chart.I'm knitting a scarf for my sister for Christmas and that's taking me a while. Don't think I'm ready for the jumper challenge just yet!Sara x

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