Right Now

Bonfire night….tonight the sky will light up with the sight and sound of fireworks….the smell of smoke and gunpowder will pervade the air…families will gather round to enjoy celebrating the foiling of this plot

Sticky parkin cake….something yummy to munch on while enjoying the fun….the recipe and other info like how to make a Guy to put on your bonfire is here under recipe book

Walks in the park to kick through the crunchy leaves, see the Autumnal display and blow those cobwebs away….Bramall Hall and park is just down the road

My latest read….I love Maeve Binchy’s books for their gentle, irish humour….you can find out more about her here….there is also a short story to read and a link to her latest book

Knitting a jumper for dear daughter’s fiancee….I get free patterns from Lion Brand yarns

Scrapbooking and Shimelle’s class

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

8 thoughts on “Right Now”

  1. Nice layout, and educational post. Being from the USA I'd heard references to Guy Fawkes in a Dorothy L Sayers Peter Wimsey story. I'd never taken time to look it up. Now I know.

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