Hopes and Dreams

It is two years since this photo was taken in the beautiful Caithness area of Scotland. So much has happened since then, but when we saw this place, we knew it was to be our future, our retirement plans had started to fall into place.
A five acre field was to be the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams. We loved the place as soon as we saw it! Green grass grazed by a few sheep and goats with the hoofbeats of mother and daughter Shetland ponies adding to the crofting feel. Wild hedges of hawthorn and broom grew around the perimeter alive with the hum of many insects. White, fluffy clouds and blue sky overhead with vast blueness of sea to the horizon and beautiful countryside all around. Peace and quiet only broken by the gentle sounds of animals, wind and sea made this an ideal spot for future contentment and relaxation.
This was to be where we built a small house with a garden protected from the sea winds which would attract all kinds of wildlife. There was to be a kitchen garden for me to harvest on a daily basis during the summer and hens kept partly as pets and partly for their eggs. We were going to plant some trees native to the area which would withstand the sea winds and give us shelter in the winter.
Hobbies were to feature highly in our daily schedule…….painting, sewing, photography and gardening for me…….woodwork, tinkering with cars and sailing for John – although quite a few of these things would be done together! There were lovely little lanes where we could walk daily and a cliff path leading down to a rocky shore which was overshadowed by a large, ruined castle. This was to give us the freedom that we had yearned for all our working lives! Perfect!!
But, wait a minute, you say……that was two years ago! Why aren’t you enjoying the good life living contentedly by the sea?
Ah well, that will be another story for another day!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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