4th September

Wind, wind, wind…all night and all day for the past four days! When I saw my wheelie bin on its side again and heard tales of plants and pots being blown all over the place, I started thinking about the power of the wind. Why is it that this free resource is not being used in the fight against global warming? I decided to learn something about this today so that I could use my findings in my lo. Forget the arguments about wind turbines from NIMBYs, so called ‘environmentalists’ and the like! There must be some invention that can use the power but not have such an impact on the landscape. I managed to find a photo of a more ‘artistic looking’ turbine and decided to use it along with this fact that I learned today…’ the UK has the best and most geographically diverse wind resources in Europe, more than enough to meet current renewable energy targets’. We’ve put up with electricity pylons for years, so how about a few more wind turbines?

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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