3rd September

As I set out on my weekly shop today, I was amazed at how quickly the leaves had started to fall. The weather had been windy, rainy and showery all week, so I expect this had hastened the process. I usually carry my camera with me and was able to park the car and take some ‘signs of Autumn’ photos. I really love this time of year but it means a big change of routine over the autumn/winter seasons. I have to schedule a walk every day around mid-day to take in some daylight to keep me feeling happy and healthy. Even if the weather is cloudy the light outside is still considerably more beneficial that staying inside. I could use one of those special daylight lamps but: they are expensive: I feel more refreshed and get some exercise if I walk out. I’d better go and get my walking boots out of the caravan!!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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