One more day to go………

…….to the start of the class ‘Learn Something New Every Day’!!!!! I’ve read my Getting Ready prompt and gathered all my stuff together and decided that I’m doing 6×6 album pages and a bit of digital stuff as well. Can’t wait to get the blinkie up here and receive the preliminary stuff today!! Tee…..hee!!!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

3 thoughts on “One more day to go………”

  1. Ooh, do we get prelim stuff today??? (Spot the newbie lol…) How exciting!! Will Shimelle definitely manage it, after being whisked away for the weekend? Hope so, you've got my hopes up now!! PS Have you come across the ScrapGirls newsletter? They do a daily and a weekly version, and it always includes a free digi download, with lots of tips, tutorials and inspiration. I've found it useful while trying out a bit of digi, thought you might too 🙂

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