Dancing Spirit doll

This is my first attempt at making a cloth doll. The pattern is by Madeleine Sara Maddocks and is free to the members of Textile Figure Forum UK (see the link below). If you would like to know more about Spirit dolls and doll making in general, please visit Madeleine’s web site http://www.clothdollcreations.co.uk/
Here are some photos showing how I made the doll.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Dancing Spirit doll”

  1. i love that you are making the spirit doll by sara, but no matter what link i go to for the pattern, they pattern is not there or the pages don't exits anymore, and its not on cloth doll connections anymore. I am really stumped how to find it.

  2. I'm sorry, 'Anonymous'! The link still took me to Sara's site, but I think I got the pattern from a group called Textile Figure Forum UK. If you google it, you would be able to contact Sara or someone else might have the pattern. I'm afraid I can't find the one I downloaded. Hope you have some luck with your search! Calendula x

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