Re: Babycham

Does anyone remember when Babycham was the ‘in’ drink? This topic was sparked off by someone on the JYC forum today.

Bernice wrote:Wasn’t Babycham perry?
Yes, it was called champagne perry because of the bubbles.I used to drink it just like the lady above, with a cherry in! Perry is made traditionally with pears in the same way as cider is made. Both the cider and the perry go through a process of being turned slowly when bottled, just like the french champagne makers do. When I was older, I used to drink brandy and babycham. It was called a Sputnik after the Russian space vehicle and if you had one too many, you really went into orbit!!!! Well, maybe this Christmas will be a very merry, perry even sherry one after all!!!! Thanks for reminding me !

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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