Winter weather

Yesterday, crisp, glittery, snowy. Hard frost overnight. Car windscreens and rooftops thick with velvety whiteness.
Then, the partial melting of the icing covered landscape. Glistening drops of water hanging from branches like so many diamonds in the thin, watery sunlight. Still needing a warm parka, walk out into the slushy, slithery street. Puddles reflect the winter trees and blue, white, grey skies. Grass still frosty in shady places. In the park, ponds are still partially frozen, some green, some grey. Moss on rotten logs silvery in the gloom. Ducks and geese bemused at the hard, icy water stand or waddle to the edge of the ice and swim away. Others standing on the ice gobsmacked by the football frozen to the surface.
Longing for the white crispness of Christmas in the snow.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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