A Cold and Frosty Day.

What a good day to start Shimelle’s 2008 Christmas Journal Adventure! Frost, ice, a sprinkling of snow like icing sugar from a dredger. Just the kind of weather to get into a seasonal mood! The excitement in the air is tangible as JYCers the world over await their first prompt from Shimelle —- Wow! Mine’s here and I just have to read it!! All the waiting is over and it is time to have fun with journalling, photography and scrapbooking!
I’m just about to sit in my quiet space and mull over today’s prompt. I decorated the Christmas tree today which was a rather bitter – sweet experience, as it is JM’s first christmas away from home. She is spending the season with fiancee Ste and son Ben. I took some photos of things that reflect light and they will, no doubt, appear somewhere in my journal. I am still sewing a version of Shimelle’s 2 peas in a bucket quilt for the cover which I will post photos of here, on Flickr and on the course forum. Well, better get my thinking cap on and write my manifesto for the season! Best wishes to everyone on the course! Let’s enjoy and have lots of fun!!!!!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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